Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte + Pumpkin Cold Brew

Homemade pumpkin pie syrup made with real pumpkin and spices for a decadent drink!

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I'm Lauren!

I'm a recent college graduate, author, food photographer, and foodie! From running around as a child with the native tribes of Panama to down-home cooking in Italy, my recipes will you give you a taste of the world.

Stick around to find achievable dessert ideas to healthy dinners that'll happily feed the family and everything in between!

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The BEST Brookies (Brownies with Cookie Bits)

POV: You want both a chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie and a fudgy Brownie. Enter: A Brookie!


Flaky Chili Honey Feta Rolls Appetizer

They’re crispy, flaky, rich, creamy, and dipped in a Chili Honey Sauce for even more flavor 🍯🍁🌿

Dinner made easy...
Lunch & Dinner

Crispy Shrimp & Poblano Tacos with Cilantro Crema Sauce

A high protein taco recipe packed with seasonal flavors and textures!


Non-Alcoholic Poisoned Apple Mocktail (Halloween Drinks)

A sweet, spooky, and delicious drink for the whole family!

...because dessert is a necessity in life!
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