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"...But more than all that, it’s the longing to bring families back together around the table."

Baker. Author. Donut Enthusiast.

Hi there! I'm Lauren.

I’m an Liberty University graduate, author, food photographer, and self-taught baker in love with the idea of creating recipes that inspire others to live healthy inside and outside of the kitchen. I grew up with Southern roots and Armenian background, so the kitchen has always been at the center of my childhood.

I was blessed with parents who believed in knowledge through experiences, starting at a very young age. We lived out West for 7 years, before making the track back to the South towards family. While West, hiking was one of our favorite past times as we experience nature unclose with the wild buffalos, moose, bears, javelinas, and more. My childhood memories include eating slow cooked whole oats, bear claws on the window, and an indigenous Panamanian tribe members canoeing us across muddy waters. Only moments before a baby boa constrictor decided to tap my shoulder as we hiked the rainforest jungle trail to enjoy a small meal with the native tribe. And our bi-annual trips to enjoy traditional slow food and farmhouse cooking in Italy has played a very large role in my cooking journey.

Growing up, I loved watching my grandmother, of Armenian descent, cook in the kitchen. Then, Cupcake Wars released their first episode… and my life changed. I was obsessed with trying to create unique cupcake recipes. Some were good, and inevitably, some were a bit disastrous. But hey, that’s part of the process of being a self-taught baker! As I grew older, I became even more conscience of health. I found joy in creating recipes that incorporated seasonal fruits and veggies from my local farmers market.

I’ve learned so much, and try my best to exhibit my fondness for the awe-inspiring cultures throughout my recipes, along with a few traditional Southern dishes with unique twists.

Family is everything to me, so what started as a journey to share new experiences with loved ones has now turned into the most amazing opportunity to share my favorite recipes with people all over the world. I can't say thank you enough for the endless support!!

And for anyone new, I am so thrilled you’ve come across my path! I truly hope you enjoy this food & lifestyle blog.

Philippians 4:13 ♡

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