Short Travel Guide for Turin, Italy


Hi friends!! For the Holiday Season, my goal is make an exciting new post every Friday, with the majority of them being holiday-inspired. With that being said, I would like to introduce to you my first blogpost for Festive Fridays... As many of you may know, my mom and I have been traveling throughout Italy for the past few weeks. Experiencing Italy at the beginning of the Autumn Season is absolutely stunning. It is just before harvest season, so all the fruits and vegetables are in great abundance!

One of my favorite towns, that I had never been to before, was in Turin. The city is radiating with vibrant energy and laid out quite organized compared to southern Italy, making it easy to travel by car. Side note... I really do recommend traveling by car throughout Italy, that way you are on your own time and can stop off at all the scrumptious hole-in-a-wall bakeries along the way.

We stayed about 4 days in Turin, Italy at the CUTEST bed-and-breakfast (Cascina San Vito) that is run by the SWEETEST lady with the name of Silvia. I really can not say enough good words about this carefully restored farmhouse... and don't even get me going on how scrumptious there breakfast was! Beautifully set up on a small table are petit cakes, fresh fruit, savory meats and cheeses, boiled eggs, and so much more placed on the most adorable dishware.

After touring around the city center of Turin (and doing a slight bit of shopping), we headed to one of the oldest chocolate factories, known as Ziccat. We truly appreciated having a private tour arranged as we learned about the hard effort and time put into making high-quality dark chocolate. Followed by a minimalistic, yet satisfying taste test of the best chocolates ever.

Our last evening in Turin we finished off at Cascina San Vito for a breakfast cooking lesson, where even I learned some new techniques and skills to incorporate in my baking. After good laughs throughout the lesson, my mom and I enjoyed one of the petit cakes we baked (Dark Chocolate & Pear made with Rice Flour) outside in the beautiful weather surrounded by mesmerizing greenery.

We then were headed off on a train (after we missed our original train lol) down to the Tuscany region, which I will show you guys in another Festive Friday blogpost. Till then, stay warm and enjoy a the Fall foliage!

Traveling Around Turin, Italy (vlog)

Hope you enjoyed this fun little video combination of the few clips I got from our time in Turin, Italy. Let me know in the comments below if you have been before or what your dream travel destination is! xxL