Best Places To Eat In Georgetown, DC


Hi there! One of my favorite cities to visit, especially during the Fall, is Georgetown, DC. Personally, it's peak time is around November, when the leaves on the trees are turning all sorts of vibrant oranges and yellows and reds. The universities have started and the city is full of life. Not to cold that you need a winter coat, but cold enough to wear a comfy sweater. Have I convinced you yet of its glory in November?! :) Now the question is, what are the best places to eat in Georgetown, DC?

Every where my family and I travel, we are always on the hunt for healthy food and restaurants that will serve us meals using real, all natural ingredients. The jackpot is to find a healthier restaurant with a meaning behind their name or a purpose behind their ambition. So after many visit to Georgetown, DC throughout the years, I want to show you all some of my favorite little finds here! Lots of the restaurants hit the jackpot status, as they have a special purpose behind their name and serve you authentic, real food!So, to answer your question on the best places to eat in Georgetown, DC... check out the video below.... Enjoy!

Comment below any of your favorite places to eat in Georgetown!